What is sound therapy?

Sound Therapy

What is sound therapy massage?

It is the sounding of therapy grade bowls that when activated produce a vibration that will travel to the designated area.  Bowls were designed and created to administer sound vibration therapy throughout the body.  Some of the common bowls that you will experience during a beginning session of sound therapy massage include:  the universal bowl, the heart bowl, and the belly bowl.  There are other bowls that therapists may have for you to experience, but the three mentioned above are able to treat the whole body, from head to toe.

This is an experience that is second to none.  Individuals partake in this whole body experience to renew, refresh, and restore inner peace and harmony with the placement of anatomically correct therapy grade bowls on the body.  The bowls are manufactured by the Peter Hess Academy out of Germany.


The Journey Begins

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what you are doing to take care of yourself?  Well, many of us wait a long time and then we wake up one day and realize that they have been serving the needs of others.  It’s time to step out and get comfortable with the uncomfortable and explore the many benefits of sound therapy massage.  If you are looking at maximizing harmonization and inner peace, you are in the right place.  Look no further as you have arrived!  God Bless…

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